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5 Hour class

5 Hour class NY We are now offering the 5 Hour Pre-Licensing course !

The 5 hour Class NY is a classroom course which consists group activities, lecture and driver training films.

Required by New York State Dept. of Motor Vehicles, this course must be completed before one can schedule a road test appointment

Available in English & Spanish!

Reservations Required.

This is a prepaid class.

207 E. Post Rd White Plains, NY 10601

Phone : 914-946 5200

Requirements and forms for pre-licensing course providers : 5 Hour class NY

What is the Pre-licensing Course? 

The Pre-licensing Course, known as “the 5-hour course,” is a DMV-designed classroom course that provides new drivers with information to help them drive safely.  For many students, the course is the only formal opportunity to learn the basic rules of the road, safe driving principles, defensive driving skills, and other factors which affect driving.

These courses offered at DMV approved site like BOCES, even you can get complete details about this course at high schools, colleges, and commercial driving schools.  To teach for a high school or college (a NY State Education Department approved institution), you must be a certified driver education teacher. To teach for a driving school, you must be a certified driving school instructor with a classroom endorsement.  Only approved classroom instructors may teach the Pre-licensing Course.  Instructors must follow the DMV’s course curriculum and provide instruction only at approved locations.

The course outline can be found in the Pre-licensing Course Instructor’s Manual (MV-277).

What are the requirements for Pre-licensing Course Providers?(5 Hour class)

All commercial driving schools and other organizations that provide the Pre-licensing Course must comply with Part 7 of DMV Commissioner’s Regulations.

For your convenience, many DMV PDF forms can be filled in online and then printed.

5 Hour class, 5 Hour class NY